Better Roofs. Lower Costs.

RCA was formed by industry leaders to simplify commercial roofing by offering Dry As A Service™. Roofing experts empowered by clients to do the right work at the right time at the best value. That’s RCA.

Cost Savings

We remove the inefficiencies in commercial roofing to lower the total cost of roof ownership


We proactively manage roofing assets to improve performance and maximize roof life

Risk Transfer

We assume roof responsibility to lower facility risks and remove distractions for clients.

Dry as a Service

We’re changing the way commercial roofing services are purchased – replacing an inefficient procurement model with long-term partnerships designed to have aligned financial interests.

The Fixed Cost of Dry

If you have a lot of facilities, then you have a lot of roofs. RCA provides the expertise and investment discipline to assume responsibility for your roof portfolio at a guaranteed fixed cost. It’s like hitting the easy button for roofing, so you can focus on core competencies.
One Number to Call

One Number to Call

One vendor to call for all roofing services nationwide with 24/7 customer support.

One Negotiation

One Negotiation

One negotiation to define all service levels and roof performance requirements.

One Number to Book

One Number to Book

One number to book to eliminate budget surprises and enable accounting benefits.

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